In my opinion, the form of government that would be the least dystopian would be a demarchy. A demarchy uses the method of sortition to appoint political officials. Sortition is known as the random selection of citizens with no regards to socioeconomic or political status. As a result, chosen officials Continue reading

Choices of Government

I would have to say the least dystopian government is a social democracy. The primary aspects of this government is to provide accessibility to everything a citizen deserves to have. It has the compliance of the social contract that supports public representation. Also it supports a free market without it Continue reading


Right! I know, I know a woman agree with a sexist, and probably narcissistic scientist may be a bit absurd but hear me out. Freud touches on some real issues throughout this article. I wholeheartedly agree with the fact that humans do not know how to be happy on their Continue reading

Government v. Society

Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud, believed that civilization (government) diminishes the liberty and freedom of the individual. We incorrectly believe that social structures promote and safeguard our liberties, whereas in fact they restrict them, causing significant dissatisfaction. The demands of civilization require us to give up our instincts; as we know Continue reading