Right! I know, I know a woman agree with a sexist, and probably narcissistic scientist may be a bit absurd but hear me out. Freud touches on some real issues throughout this article. I wholeheartedly agree with the fact that humans do not know how to be happy on their own. as we have evolved we have depended on different objects and outside sources to boost our dopamine and serotonin levels. We have depended on many outside sources to make our lives easier. We have come to equate having an easier life with being happy and it has taken a toll on us generation after generation and invention after invention.

Freud goes to explain why we are not meant to be civilized individuals who should have our lives imposed upon by the government. We were not meant to be forced into submission and follow all these rules according to Freud and I agree. We as people should not be limited by others who do not know us. Forced into the same schools, sitting for hours, told to be quiet. These are things that are not normal to our human nature. It is normal to discover and to want but to limit others is unfathomable in a sense.

I disagree with his writings on women because it safe to say he cannot speak on something that he is not. The idea of men being sexual beings is a part of nature. To love and to reproduce are not of the same thing but sometimes are forced to correlate. Animals reproduce all the time, but it is not always with the same female. Monogamy was a thing that was taught from generation to generation but so was polygamy. We have encountered so many different learnings on this earth that when we do not like something we consider it wrong. Implementing a government is outlying everything a group of individuals think is wrong and repressing other individuals to follow along. That is why we have wars and rebellions because we are not all made to think and act the same way.

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