Dystopian Discrepancies

Within America, we have seen several forms of oppression. The LGBT community, racial minority groups, disabled citizens, and lower class citizens are examples of those who automatically fall victim to the injustices of the society. These groups of citizens are thrown into a dystopian society as soon as their identities Continue reading

Why Robocop Is Dystopian To Me

A police officer named Murphy lives in a futuristic version of Detroit with his family and is fighting crime on streets. The corporate mogul of a security technology agency called RoboCorp is responsible for Murphy being killed in front of his home. Murphy`s body dies, but his brain is salvaged Continue reading

Piercingly Dystopian

Snowpiercer explores the world when whatever little of humanity is left, after a scientific experiment goes wrong and all life becomes extinct, gets stuck within a train called the “Rattling Ark”. This is not only a story set in a post-apocalyptic future, but the various characteristics of this world depicted Continue reading

Snowpiercer Critique

Snowpiercer starring Chris Evans is a suspenseful, action filled film in which we get to witness a bloody revolt against an oppressive class system. The movie displays a dystopian world in which Earth has frozen over, and the extreme cold has exterminated nearly all of humanity. The last few living Continue reading


Divergent is a movie about a dystopian Chicago. The city has broken into five factions: Abnegation(selfless), Amity(peaceful), Candor(honesty), Erudite(intellectual), and Dauntless(brave). These factions each rule important parts of every day life and straying from these set factions is not welcome. The main character,Beatrice Prior (born into Abnegation), undergoes a coming Continue reading

Erasure of Afro-Argentinians

It is now common knowledge that anti-blackness is a prevalent, world-wide phenomenon. The anti-blackness that I am personally most familiar with is in reference to what I have learned and experienced in America. I somehow stumbled upon a post about anti-blackness in Argentina, which I found interesting because it is Continue reading

The Purge: An Analysis

The Purge was centered around one night of the year where civilians were given the opportunity to commit any crime without punishment for 12 hours. It was focused around a small family in the neighborhood and their experience throughout the night of the purge. The father sold top notch security Continue reading

The Purge: A Realistic yet Improbable World

The movie “The Purge” is set within a single night in America during the year of 2022 where out of all the year one night is designated to uninhibited violence that includes all crimes even murder that anyone can perpetuate without any consequences. This violence lasts a total of 24 Continue reading

The Purge Critique

The Purge is a dystopian movie centered around the American government sanctioning a 12-hour period during one day of the year in which all crimes were legal including the murder of anybody other than government officials. The Purge was implemented to reduce criminal activity throughout the year. The movie was Continue reading