Unwanted Guidance

Sigmund Freud describes human nature as satisfying sexual needs and impulses such as aggression in order to gain love and avoid pains in life. Technically, any form of a government will ultimately go against and repress human nature. To satisfy some will not satisfy all. Freud states, “Reality shows us Continue reading

Was Freud right?

Sigmund Freud explains that civilization has led to the diminishing of freedom and liberty. Also, the government is essentially repressive to human nature. I believe that Freud is right in his belief because governments were created to control our lives. Politics has to do with a large majority of how Continue reading

Government V.S. Society

Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud, believed that civilization (government) diminishes the liberty and freedom of the individual. We incorrectly believe that social structures promote and safeguard our liberties, whereas in fact they restrict them, causing significant dissatisfaction. The demands of civilization require us to give up our instincts; as we know Continue reading

Freud- BP3

After reading and discussing “Civilization and Its Discontents” Freud was right. Freud premise that any form of government is repressive to human nature because they diminish human nature by any chance to secure security and comfort. Freud theory is that unhappiness comes from the demands of civilization where freedom and Continue reading