My Ideal Society

If I could create my own ideal society, it would be a society based on peace, balance, and happiness. My version of a utopia will cater to the well-beings of both people and animals. The first aspect of my utopia will be the lower the extinction rates of endangered animals. Over hunting is a serious problem because it negatively effects both the population rates and the ecosystem. I would attempt to combat this by developing more restrictions and limits to prevent hunters from killing these animals for their own selfish reasons. 

Another feature of my utopia would be to eliminate racism and discrimination. I want my society to be a place where people feel safe to be their true selves without any restrictions. In other words, a judgement-free zone. When I say this, I don’t mean that I want my utopia to be a place where people “don’t see color.” I want people to see each other as equals and respect each other. This also includes gender and sexuality. Living in a judgment-free society may also decrease the amounts of violence and wars. If a disagreement occurs, I would rather them attempt to solving it civilly before resorting to any form of violence. 

My ideal utopia would also include all forms of education to be free. Most people feel discouraged to pursue their dreams of furthering their education due to the cost. But in my utopia, I would make it easier for people to achieve their goals. Making education free could also give people a fair shot of entering the work field. This would take the weight off of students’ shoulders by allowing them to pursue any passion of theirs. Free education would also increase the rates of people working jobs that they actually enjoy and love going to everyday.

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