The Definition of a Dystopia

A dystopia is an undesirable society that consists of the worst possible living conditions that functions based off of fear and oppression. Dystopias are typically the opposite of utopias in all aspects. They emphasize the worst possible outcomes of a society while a utopia emphasizes the best and most favorable Continue reading

The Cost of Privacy

As society advances, technology advances. In this day and age, technology has completely taken over. It is often used everywhere by almost everyone. It is found in different workplaces, schools, homes, and several other places. People have become severely dependent on it and its various functions. Although technology has enhanced Continue reading

My Ideal Society

If I could create my own ideal society, it would be a society based on peace, balance, and happiness. My version of a utopia will cater to the well-beings of both people and animals. The first aspect of my utopia will be the lower the extinction rates of endangered animals. Continue reading