The Cost of Privacy

As society advances, technology advances. In this day and age, technology has completely taken over. It is often used everywhere by almost everyone. It is found in different workplaces, schools, homes, and several other places. People have become severely dependent on it and its various functions. Although technology has enhanced how we live, it comes with a hefty price. This price is our own privacy. Whether we like it or not, there are many different rewards that require a good portion of our private lives in order to receive the full benefits of whatever that may be. 

There are several things that I often give false information to, such as a fake birthday or name, but there are only a few things that I am willing to give my actual information and privacy to. I am willing to give some of my privacy for cyber protection, directions, and streaming services. I am willing to give some of my privacy for cyber security to protect my technological devices from being hacked and to prevent my personal information from being leaked or stolen. This provides me with comfort that my information is being protected. I am often impressed whenever my computer shows me my privacy reports to show how well my cyber protection is performing. It shows me weekly stats about how many trackers it has prevented from profiling me. I would give my location to direction services, such as maps on my iPhone, to guide me wherever I need to go from my specific location. 

            For these services, they require some personal information to receive the full benefits of their services. The main things that different services ask for is my email, phone number, home address, and sometimes my credit card information. These are some things that I am willing to give up, but I always make sure that whatever service I am entering this information to is completely valid and safe. This concept is very interesting to me because your private information isn’t really private due to several companies, like banks and protection services, having access to it. 

 In exchange for this type of information, I expect the full benefits from these services. If I am paying for computer protection packages, I expect it to prevent any form of a virus from infiltrating my devices and for all of my information and documents to be protected. I expect the direction apps to give me accurate directions to my destination. 

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