Giving up my privacy?

How much privacy are you willing to give up? That is a question that I did
not think about often. Privacy is the state of being free from observed or disturbed by other people. I never realized how much of my privacy is compromised for the so-called security of my country. I am on the fence about how much security and surveillance is needed.
to keep the citizens safe. There are instances where an invasion of privacy was
needed to prevent certain tragedies. I feel as though as long as there is
acknowledgment of how far they have to go then it is fine. The issues come up
when there is no knowledge of the surveillance. In exchange for my cooperation
of the privacy breach I should be rewarded free groceries, or maybe a free
semester of college. Life out here is too hard to be helping anyone for free.

We have just learned in the recent years the extent that the privacy of us
has been breached. The fact that much of this was unknown and had no intents of
ever being known is insane to me. The fact that we do not own the privilege of
knowing how much of our things are being shared and explored is literally
against our rights. Although I may be furious, I am not surprised at all. Alot
of the things that come to the light about the ways in which the world works is
so expected. I cannot say exactly how much privacy Im willing to give up but I
can say how much of it I am not willing to give up. I am not willing to give up
my exact location and other things that are very personal to me. The extent
that privacy has been breached is extravagant.

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