My utopia is a combination of my last name, Patterson, and Jacksonville. I imagine that my perfect society has characteristics such as equality and active promotion of community engagement. The governing body will still model the 3 branch system that the United States uses but with several changes. The Executive, Legislative, and Judicial systems were chosen to ensure checks and balances and to ensure no one person is making the decisions. Diving into the differences, the party system will be abolished so that citizens aren’t voting based on a party, but voting with the entire society in mind. The executive branch will not be led by a governor or mayor, but the executive consists of committees and government workers such as educators and healthcare professionals. The legislative branch will not be split into the House of Representatives and the Senate but will be modeled after the British parliament. The judicial branch will consist of the Supreme Court but will consist of 21 members and they will not serve a lifelong term. They will have to be re-elected every 4 years. This will apply to the legislative branch as well, but members of this branch can only serve 2 terms.

Diving deeper into equality, there are various rights our society will uphold. We will ensure true justice where laws and processes are just and don’t differ for anyone regardless of race, income, or sex and are made fully transparent to everyone. Currency would be dissolved as the trading of resources would occur directly between individuals. For example, 2 cases of water could be the equivalent of a dozen eggs. these ratios would be set by a large committee of individuals who are selected at random. Access to education will be equally available so that citizens may be able to receive education to learn more skills. Access to healthcare will also be equally available as educators and healthcare professionals are provided resources by the government to live. This is why community engagement is vital, as citizens will play their part in ensuring that they provide resources to the government that can be given to service workers.

As perfect as this society sounds to me, I see that it can go wrong easily due to human nature. I don’t believe that greed, jealousy, pride, sloth, or gluttony can be overcome by humans. Someone is bound to exploit such a system in various ways by trying to gain power through control of capital.

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