Constantly Being Watched

Panopticism, a term coined by French philosopher Michel Foucault, delves into how surveillance and the perception of being watched shape our behavior and social structures. Today, this concept is alive and well in our society, largely thanks to the proliferation of surveillance technologies and practices. Walk down any street, and Continue reading


My utopia is a combination of my last name, Patterson, and Jacksonville. I imagine that my perfect society has characteristics such as equality and active promotion of community engagement. The governing body will still model the 3 branch system that the United States uses but with several changes. The Executive, Continue reading


A dystopia is a community marked by oppressive and unfavorable circumstances, typically featuring an authoritarian government, social injustice, and a grim or nightmarish setting. Although most dystopias we think of come from fictional settings such as the Hunger Games, I don’t believe that dystopias are imagined or fictional worlds only Continue reading