What is a dystopia?

A dystopia can be defined as a made-up society that is flawed oppressive and dehumanizes the individuals that live in it which can be characterized by oppression and removal of individual freedom. Dystopias often come about from the pursuit of utopian ideas and beliefs that are taken to the extreme Continue reading

Is Foucault Right?

Pan is a concept introduced by Michael Foucault and what he describes it as individuals who regulate their behavior due to the perception of being watched or under constant surveillance. One way this has been embedded in our society is through social media and constant surveillance through technology. Many surveillance Continue reading


Privacy is something we all value as citizens in this country. We are led to believe that everything we do is kept private. In reality, nothing we do is private. We are constantly watched by our government and even some bad people, it is nice to have the belief that Continue reading

My utopia

My ideal society consists of everything essential being free. Work weeks will be three days and weekends will be 4. My true utopia revolves around relaxation.  We are all too stressed these days and need a break all the time. This utopia will cause zero stress and be an escape. People Continue reading

what is a dystopia?

Dystopia should be defined as a world where things seem alright but there is underlying fear that all individuals live with. I wrote this definition because I feel it best suits dystopia, and describes the world we live in today. Although things seem great and we go through life trying Continue reading