what is a dystopia?

Dystopia should be defined as a world where things seem alright but there is underlying fear that all individuals live with. I wrote this definition because I feel it best suits dystopia, and describes the world we live in today. Although things seem great and we go through life trying to enjoy it we all live in some sort of fear. That fear can be suddenly losing a job and becoming homeless, being in a fatal car crash or dying in some mass shooting, and even developing a disease that has no treatment or survivability. Dystopia can be a mild discomfort in society and doesn’t have to be the opposite of the utopian definition. It takes a toll on the mental health of the population not knowing what could happen next or even feeling unsafe in your backyard. Even though school shootings and public shootings are still relevant, In that era of time where many schools had incidents lots of students lived in fear when attending school. It was the opposite of a fun learning place because students and parents alike worried if they would make it home that night. This is a very dystopian scenario because schools were made for learning and they have turned into a place where death is a possibility. The topic of climate change has also been arising in society. Many people know that it can be reversed but are forced the live with the fear that the world is slowly dying because they cant stop the big corporations and rich people from destroying the earth. It is very dystopian to have to sit back and watch the world die but not be able to do anything about it because your actions alone cant change the world. And even in cases of individuals fighting back, there are too many people fighting against it.

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