My utopia

My ideal society consists of everything essential being free. Work weeks will be three days and weekends will be 4. My true utopia revolves around relaxation.  We are all too stressed these days and need a break all the time. This utopia will cause zero stress and be an escape. People will be able to choose if they would like to work from home or in person depending on the job. All education will be free along with housing and meals. I believe government is still important so that things don’t get overturned or out of order. Instead of governments that trick citizens into thinking they have a say this will be solely citizen-based. No one will be able to complain because it will come down to the majority opinion of the votes. Travel will be free; we should be able to explore all areas of the world and not be restricted because we do not have the funds to do so. It seems that my perfect utopia includes lots of free things because money bills and debt are things that cause such stress in people’s lives and cause them to do so much, just to keep up with life.  The world we be more community-based, yes we already have communities within our races this community will be worldwide. It will be easy for us to learn on any and everyone for the help we may need. No more bigotry and racism to allow us to see each other as equals The perfect society is hard to achieve and would need a fresh start, this society would be clear from corruption and hate that fills people’s minds. If we can see each other as the same and all have the same opportunities and starts there will be no need for hate or feeling like someone has more than another. 

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