Privacy is something we all value as citizens in this country. We are led to believe that everything we do is kept private. In reality, nothing we do is private. We are constantly watched by our government and even some bad people, it is nice to have the belief that we live a private life while being watched. I am not willing to give up privacy for gifts or money it feels good to believe that we live a private life which to an extent is very private. If I had to give up privacy I would expect all amenities to be paid for by the government if the government chooses to watch us and take away all of our privacy they should fully cover our lives with all expenses. It does not feel good to lose your privacy like many people who have their identity stolen or people whose lives get hacked. For example, North Korea constantly watches its citizens and controls all aspects of their lives. They aren’t allowed to watch certain things, they don’t even have contact with the outside world. As Americans, we are lucky to have a sense of privacy and control of things in our own lives. Losing privacy is very dystopian, it gives complete control to who’s watching you and who’s controlling the laws and regulations in that area or country. I believe no amount of compensation or reward is worth losing your privacy. Privacy should be something guaranteed and never be taken away. Being monitored in our daily lives is something that happens against our will. In a way, it’s the government’s way of trying to protect the country. We all have given up some of our privacy without our knowledge. As long as giving up our privacy doesn’t result in being controlled by the government or any higher power, many people continue to be ok with some of their privacy being controlled by the rulers of said country or area that they live in.

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