A Utopia for You and Me

Utopia is distinctly defined as an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. I don’t think a fully utopian society would even exist though, just because you can never make every single person happy or satisfied. The fall of great societies has always been human greed or hate. In my imagined version of a “perfect world,” I would change large issues like financial and health struggles, but also smaller things like the weather. In terms of economic changes, I don’t necessarily think that everyone should get paid the exact same amount because frankly, certain jobs require more training and/or time. However, no profession should get paid abundantly while other professions barely make ends meet. In a perfect world, everyone would be able to live comfortably without financial struggle or worry. I also think that everyone should be entitled to free and equitable healthcare. In our current society, I do think that there are actually cures to major diseases and cancers, but big pharma makes far too much money off of treatments to offer a cure. So I would definitely run a society that prioritizes citizen’s health over money. These are issues that often cause distress, so by alleviating them, it would bring us one step closer to a utopian society. Additionally, a major dystopian aspect of our current society is racism and discrimination, so I would definitely create measures to eliminate that. There would be no discrimination in the workplace, in the justice system, or anywhere else. Everyone would truly be created and treated equally. Finally, aspects of utopia aren’t always large issues. For me personally, my perfect world would always be sunny and never cold. But again, this is why utopias are defined as imagined and are harder to theorize than dystopias, which I agree with.

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