Dystopia Definition

Dystopia: a real or imagined societal construct characterized by, but not limited to, oppressive social, political, or environmental conditions that affect all or specific populations. From all the examples of dystopia that we have covered in this class, I have come to realize that the idea of dystopia is very Continue reading

Privacy Within Technology

As time goes on, the balance between privacy and convenience is constantly evolving. Currently, technology has become intertwined with nearly every aspect of our lives. While I value my privacy, I recognize the benefits of certain trade-offs. For example, I am willing to share some information on social media platforms Continue reading

A Utopia for You and Me

Utopia is distinctly defined as an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. I don’t think a fully utopian society would even exist though, just because you can never make every single person happy or satisfied. The fall of great societies has always been human greed Continue reading

Dystopia: Real or Imagined?

Definition: A real or imagined society characterized by overwhelming oppression, suffering, and fear for all or specific populations. First, I felt the need to emphasize the fact that dystopia is not necessarily an imagined state. Many films and novels create an exaggerated worst-case scenario, but I believe that this world Continue reading