Down with the Higher Powers

While looking through the different types of government, I believe that Direct Democracy might be the least dystopian because it is based on the choices and voices of the people rather than others having the power to choose what they want. While this may cause problems, many of the dystopian pieces of media and books that I have read usually become a dystopia because there is a higher power such as a corrupt government or bad people who rule. In many of these dystopias, those people in higher power decide what they like for the people rather than letting the actual people have a voice. I wanted to be very specific with which democracy I picked because even the democracy we are in currently is becoming more dysfunctional and less about the actual lives of the people who live here. In that, Direct Democracy would avoid many of the problems that are seen in many dystopias.

With governments that are categorized by power being handed off or given to a specific group of people, it may cause a certain group of people never to have a voice or a choice in what is happening. In an autocracy, the head person has full power and what they do with it depends on them. In an oligarchy, the power is handed off within a certain group of people so if all those people are a certain race or belong to a certain social class, others may not be able to advocate for themselves properly. As we already know, anarchy is a society without a government but that wouldn’t end correctly because a place that is a free-for-all is very dystopian as it has no rules. The best choice that would avoid a dystopian is a democracy but only a very specific democracy is the most helpful.

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