Which Form of Government is the Best?

Whenever you hear the word government, it is easy to associate it with a dystopia. The government is the thing is in control of whether a society is a dystopia or not. This is why it is important to know what type of government a society has. The form of government that is the least likely to breed a dystopian society is a democracy. The definition of democracy is “rule of the people.” In this form of government, the citizens are able to choose their own elected officials to form a governing body. This would be less likely to create a dystopia because the people that form the governing body are trusted and voted for by the citizens of the society. It would a lot harder for a ruler to make a democratic government a dystopia because of the checks and balances democracies have.

In particular, I think a demarchy is the least dystopian form of democracy. The random selection of the governing body allows people from many different backgrounds be better represented in the government. This makes it harder for certain people to corrupt and influence the way a government looks. The random selection also makes it easier for citizens of a society to participate in the government. This participation allows people to ensure the government looks how they want it to look.

Although a democracy is the form of government that is the least dystopian, that does not mean it cannot become a dystopia at all. The government could abuse its power by preventing certain demographics of people to vote. This will eventually lead to a government that is favored by only a small group of people, rather than by the entire population. Once a population is not represented in the government, they may say that the government is dystopian.

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