The Least Dystopian

I think the form of government that would be the least dystopian would be a social democracy. A key component of this form of government is its emphasis on social justice. Social democracy aims to limit discrimination based on differences, essentially eradicating racism, sexism, ageism, ableism, classism, homophobia, etc. This depletes the value of social constructs, such as race, gender, and class, which tend to define, and often be be the demise of, many societies. Furthermore, a social democracy advocates for universal public access to resources, like education, healthcare, and pediatric/geriatric care. Providing citizens with equal opportunities and alleviating possible discrimination associated with these opportunities substantially decreases the presence of disparities. 

Systemc justice limits the probability of chaos and conflict commonly observed in dystopian societies because there is no longer a superior group able to control an inferior group. Dystopias also encompass frequent distrust of peers and authorities. A social democracy relies on the opinions of the people and does not centralize power, as demonstrated in oligarchies, monarchies, and theocracies. This reduces distrust amongst citizens and encourages a more open society. Perfect/utopian societies are difficult to achieve because of the extreme level of compliance and contentment that they require. Even in a social democracy, it is possible that people will not agree that equality is necessary or want to comply with demands, such as the taxes, that are needed to maintain equality. I think social democracy best remedies potential concern with its balanced financial approach.  

Another key component of this form of government is its incorporation of a mixed economy. A mixed economy combines both capitalistic private ownership and communistic national services. I believe this offers the best balance of personal investment and governmental invention, allowing citizens to exercise their financial liberties without the ability to drastically exploiting others.​ Though, everyone will likely need to contribute to sustain the government, people won’t feel as restricted since their autonomy is not completely stripped. However, because social democracy exists as an intermediate somewhere between free-market capitalism and socialism, it may be difficult to define strict boundaries. This leaves the government susceptible to instances of abuse and manipulation. Nonetheless, it seems to be the form of government that would be least likely to resemble a dystopian society.

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