Dystopia through my lens

A dystopia can be defined as a societal construct characterized by oppressive systems of control, inequality, and fear, where individuals’ freedoms are restricted, and their fundamental humanity is diminished, ultimately resulting in a nightmarish existence devoid of hope or agency. This definition draws from Iris Marion Young’s concept of oppression Continue reading

Privacy & Tech

In this day and age, the pervasive integration of technology into our lives necessitates a certain level of compromise when it comes to privacy. While the omnipresence of technology may be challenging to fully embrace, the reality is that it has become an integral part of modern existence, extending into Continue reading

For the People

In my opinion a democratic form of government would be the least dystopian government.  Any government has its flaws so this doesn’t mean that this form is perfect but it is the most fitting for the prompt.  Democracy is more for the people as a whole.  Compared to the other Continue reading