The road to Dystopia…

  • Based on my knowledge from books, movies, shows, etc., a dystopia can be described in many different ways. My simple definition of a Dystopia would be… A world full of hate, suffering, and extreme injustice where people live in constant fear.
  • I chose these words to define Dystopia for many reasons.  Whenever we read about dystopian worlds or see them in movies/shows, it’s always depicted as a nightmare. An unimaginable nightmare of a world that nobody in their right mind would ever choose to live in.  I used the word hate in my definition because I felt it was appropriate when referring to a dystopia.  I rarely use the word hate because it holds so much power and should be used lightly. However, I think this world would be full of hatred. It is a world where people are constantly in fight or flight mode, struggling to get by each and every day. I imagine dystopia as an injustice society but honestly we have already been living in a world full of extreme social injustice. This is a world where people are treated unfairly and justice is hardly ever served (sound familiar?). I’m not implying that our reality reflects that of a dystopia, I know a dystopian world is much much worse. However, the similarities are real and it is scary. At the end of my definition, I mentioned it’s a place where people are constantly in fear.  They fear the nightmare of a world they live in, the inhumane conditions, the people in power, their neighbors, everything and everyone they fear.  You can’t really trust anyone or anything in a dystopian world. It’s full of selfish, cruel people. Lastly, a dystopia is supposed to be far from pleasant which is why my definition includes the word suffering.  Everyday is a battle, a battle to survive within the unimaginable conditions.
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