Is democracy the best form of government?

There are many different forms of governments. I believe democracy is the best form of government argumentatively. There are not many cons to the productiveness of a democracy; the common issue is the people we choose to put in place to run the democracy. Democracy allows the people of a nation to have a right to freedom of expression which many other nations’ governments don’t allow.

Democracy is the most fitting for the United States due to the level of power granted to the people. I believe that there are not many faults within our government’s control, just different perspectives and drives that lead to the executions of laws and regulations. Democracy grants the people a voice. Freedom of speech, freedom of protest, freedom to challenge. All of these aspects are valuable within a nation. However, the only issue is that the people’s voices and wants are not valued or actually taken into consideration. The government needs an adjustment as to how citizens’ requests are dealt with. I believe the only issue is the execution style with citizens.

Our democracy needs a little reconstructing. The government power needs to be limited. The government should have to get a vote ruling over laws and regulations by the citizens before passing it. People of the nation need to be heard and respected with the same admiration for those with authority in the government. If we give the nation the ability to speak and receive what they are asking for, perhaps the economy will be more effective. The struggle is creating an equal government. Democracy is supposed to give the nation a say and a leader to speak on behalf of the nation. However, those in authority have recently overstepped and are no longer listening to the people of the nation. If we could manage to reconstruct democracy to the point where citizens’ wants are equally prioritized, this form of government would be most efficient.

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