The Best Government?

The concept of government is something I have struggled with for a while. While I believe that government is necessary to maintain a sense of order in an area, there is still suspicion on whether or not the people elected into these critical roles have the interest of the people in mind or are selfish. As I scroll through and try to comprehend the many concepts of government, can I say that one is truly good? I initially thought that Direct Democracy would be an ideal form of government. Still, as I did further research, I figured out that a lot of people are excluded from sharing their opinions, such as minorities, and people tend to be selfish as they only vote for their betterment and not the common good. It sounds a little bit like our government. I think the perfect government would be something that doesn’t put the needs of companies over the needs of its people; it takes into account the voices of the working class, and it makes a note of how it can improve the healthcare of those who seek it: furthermore, I can safely say that social democracy would be a near perfect ideal of government.

Social Democracy is considered “elements of direct and representative democracies…adopting a mixed economy combining the principles of a capitalist-free market.” With that, there is an outward aim to diminish, or fully get rid of, oppression, poverty, and inaccessibility to public services. This is so important to me as a minority because I can see that the country in which I have grown up in makes no moves to show that they care about others like me. I see more people of color losing their homes to gentrification, neighborhoods that withheld flourishing black communities have been torn down to make space for Whole Foods, multi-million dollar condos and the white faces that are soon to come. I see more than enough people of color who have no access to healthcare, who are forced to sit in their homes dying of some easily medicated illness that they can not afford because hospitals won’t take their health insurance. Parents losing their children because they can not handle the stress of being a single parent because they don’t receive government benefits that could help with bills, child care, and food security. Having a social democracy can keep these negatives at bay. We could actually have reputable government funded healthcare that could be widely accepted and given to those who lack it now. Wealth could be distributed equally so that way the working class could have equal opportunities to accumulate wealth. There could even be the prospect of higher education becoming more affordable, so we are less likely to be preyed upon by college loan companies who hound for payments until our very last breath. Overall, this is a form of government that  I not only would live in, but I can genuinely say this is a near utopian government.

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