Invasion of Technology

Has technology caused humanity to lessen their amount of privacy within their day to day lives? Yes, technology has various ways of invading our privacy to keep technology operating. Many applications that we use require data to store within the system. This data can include entries of usage, location, time duration on the app, and track what keeps your attention. The data is shared throughout many companies to continue to upload content to your feed. After finding this information out many people believe it is illegal which is why technology often requires users to accept terms & conditions. Who reads Terms & Conditions;no one. By signing your signature users give authorization for technology to collect useful data which lessen the privacy of those that use the internet, applications, and so on.

As this information can range from as minute as the time you spent on the app to something extremely important such as your identity, I have begun to become a little bit more wise when accepting terms and conditions in order to protect my privacy. I don’t mind sharing my liked content, time spent, or interests with technology but everything along the lines of my identity is where I create a boundary. This is to prevent identity, card theft, or unwanted attention. Agreeing to certain terms and conditions allow social media to gauge what type of content I enjoy so it can occur more on my feed. The reward is I enjoy what I am watching, because I am entertained; I’ll continue to use the app so the platform will continue to profit off of me as a user. It’s a win a win. When signing terms & conditions I expect for all parties to protect the information I allow them to access to prevent larger issues down the road.

I believe technology has its cons and pros, although technology is entertaining it is extremely dangerous. Data stored from technology is more accessible than we can imagine which makes it easier for those to commit crimes using confiscated information. It is extremely important that when using technology users are aware of the type of site or application they are using.

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