A Balancing Act: The Challenges of Technological Advances in Modern Society”

Technology has caused so many advances in modern society, however, it has caused many problems as well. Technology has revolutionized our communication, our livelihood, and the way we seek information. Yet, with these advances we must be willing to compromise our personal lives. Personally, I find myself trying to balance between embracing the conveniences presented by technology and the unavoidable compromises in privacy that come with these conveniences. 

I have given up some of my privacy such as my name, address, phone number, email address, debit information for websites that provide goods and services such as Amazon, SHEIN, Nike, and etc. In order to receive the shoes, clothes, and other products I like I willingly shared with these companies my personal information. This is a prime example of trading privacy for “a reward”. In addition to these sites, social media has been another place where my privacy is shared in order for me to connect and socialize with others such as friends and family. However, something as simple as taking a photo can expose my current location or even who my friends and closest relatives are. 

Although some of my privacy has been given up for my rewards, I am willing to give it up to the government to help them maintain law and order. Another advancement technology has helped with is tracking down individuals who have committed heinous crimes. Using technology for surveillance allows them to track down sexual predators, terrorists , hackers, etc. The government is supposed to serve and protect, with technology they are protecting society from cyber attacks and other cyber threats. My protection is the reward I want in exchange. Being able to know that my privacy is protected is reward enough. Overall, there are potential societal benefits, yet one should still be aware that there  must be a balance between cybersecurity and individual rights. 

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