To Be, or Not to Be a Dystopia

Previously, I had defined a dystopian as “a society where intrinsic human rights and freedoms are violated for the preservation of particular social order”. With this I explicitly reference aspects of human individuality such as our thoughts, actions and choices. I would like to alter my definition of a dystopia. Continue reading

Is Panopticism Real?

The Panopticon was an ideal prison where all prisoners are within view of the guards; however, the guards are not within view of the prisoners. This creates the illusion of being surveilled 24/7 by the prisoners. They never know when someone is watching, so they behave in a proper manner Continue reading

The Lesser of All Evils

All forms of government have the potential to become a dystopia. This is because government is reliant on the individual(s) in power. It relies on their beliefs, their knowledge, and their whims. Although many forms of government impose systems to prevent complete chaos from ensuing (because of too liberal or Continue reading

No Perfect Place

As mentioned before, a “utopia” means “no place” because often the ideals placed around utopias do not exist in real life. What occurs more often in novels and movies, the utopia is actually revealed to be a dystopia. The societies try to enact total equality, but do not alter the Continue reading