Security Awareness

To be completely honest, if I had the choice to not give up any of my privacy, that would be the choice I would make. At the end of the day, I do not have anything to hide. Despite this, I feel as though my privacy is a basic human right and I do not trust others. If for some reason I wrong someone, I would not want anything to be altered and used against me due to them having access to my personal information. We all know that whatever we see online is not always true. However, if I had to make a choice, I would give up my privacy for safety. I would give up a human right if that meant my life was protected. As far as how much I would be willing to give up, I’d be willing to surrender anything required for this safety except stuff connecting to my family, my finances and my personal conversations (e-mail, iMessage, social media, etc.) I feel like only if I am under suspicion can such an invasion of privacy be allowed. The reward I would expect is obvious. Safety. What I did not realize is how much privacy we willingly give up for minor conveniences. We give up our fingerprints in order to unlock things and we give up our faces in face ID. We also give up our health information when we allow our apple iPhone to access our health records for “convenience.” We save our passwords to our computers for easy access on a daily basis. With just enough technology intelligence, many of these things have the potential to be hacked and then a person has your whole life in their hands. Privacy overall is a big issue. We all love to say we want our privacy, but we willingly give it up every day. This is something that we all should think about whenever we use our phones and computers and be careful what we decide to “save” for our daily convenience.

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