What defines Dystopia

The Webster definition of the word Dystopia says that it is an imaginary place where people are unhappy and afraid because they are not being treated fairly. From a realistic approach, I believe Dystopia should be described as a form of an injustice society and or reality. This doesn’t necessarily imply that the world is dark or cruel but possibly a threat to society in a manner.

I developed this definition based off of the current state of our world now. The world we live in isn’t horrible but it could be better within equality for the society. Within today’s world we experience or witness many injustice encounters between citizens and the justice system. There are many other ways where injustice society is portrayed in everyday life. Such as, discrimination against certain ethnicities and cultures. Many opportunities being made unavailable to certain groups is a prime example of a threat to our society growth with expansion.

A threat I would like to focus on is the Roe vs. Wade act that was put in place to control a woman’s decision on termination of a pregnancy. I believe this is an extreme threat to society due to the climax of reasons of why someone may consider termination of a pregnancy. The reason is not always malicious but in most cases logical. For the government to overstep their boundaries and place limitation on another’s person is wrong. Roe vs. Wade can be analyzed as a threat because someones decision to terminate a pregnancy can because of their health, finances, mental illness, living situation, etc. All reasons are valid to make a logical decision on whether to proceed or terminate the pregnancy. The ruling of Roe V. Wade is a prime example of injustice done onto the woman population of the world we live in and in my opinion aligns with dystopia.

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