Definition defines dystopia as “an imagined world or society in which people lead wretched, dehumanized, fearful lives”.

However, my perception of that word is somewhat different. I define dystopia as a place which was once full of life and prosperity has in turn been destroyed causing all life to struggle and be at constant battle with everyday life.

The reason why I say this is because of the movies and tv shows I’ve watched growing up. In the films it always portrayed the world and the people in it struggling to survive in a due to the lack of natural resources. As such the world that we were such accustomed too has now change. People’s mindset also change causing them to focus more on their survival, rather than building a community in which everyone can thrive. This also results in people being more selfish with natural resources causing more tension between people in their communities. When people understand that they can not attain an excess amount of resources they must ration in order to survive. This in turn causing problems, because people are not made equality as such it can be hard for people to dictate the right amount of rationing so that it is fair for everybody. Not only that but people who are in the lower bracket of a dystopian world have a greater chance of not surviving. However the people who are in power and stand among the lesser they often make choices that can dictate the lives of others as well. Often times the people in power make decisions in a biased way in order for them to survive, even if it means that others can not. A dystopian world is one that full of chaos and discord, there is no true peace or prosperity in such a world.

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I'm a person who enjoys watching movies or playing video games relaxing. I try to gym as often as possible so I can maintain a healthy lifestyle and body. I am also a big fan of plants, especially in the household.
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