Where can Panopticism be seen in society?

Panopticism has been embedded into our society by the people themselves. The idea of Panopticism is that a subject knows they are being watched which forces them to act a certain way that is not chaotic or troublesome. When people go out, most choose to act in a particular fashion as they know other people are always watching. It doesn’t have to do with the idea of being fearful of someone watching, but rather being judged for your own behavior. This forces them to behave properly and ideally. For example, parents are always watching their kids. The parents expect their kids to act with mannerism when in a public setting or at a dinner table. They don’t want their kids to run around or be loud as other individuals are going to judge them. The kids know their parents are watching them so they behave accordingly so they don’t get a punishment when they get home. This also follows the idea of how kids lie or hide things from their parents. The parents hold the power similar to that described in Panopticism. The kids act properly so they don’t create a bad image of themselves to the outside world but most importantly to their parents. Whether the kids are faking their act or not, it still forces them to act a certain way that can develop with them as they grow up. However, this doesn’t have to do with just parents as humans themselves can cause other humans to act accordingly. When you go outside to run an errand or simply just a walk, you dress and act friendly because others are watching you. Since we are being watched from everyone outside, we are forced to act properly. Now this isn’t always true, but in most cases it is. No one wants to be painted with a bad image. The analogy of power here is the power of other individuals’ opinions that has a hold on many humans’ actions.

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