In my opinion, dystopia is a cruel place where individuals are suffering from discrimination, hatred, and poverty all under the root of evil. Everyone has different views of what a dystopia is to them as some can view wealth as a dystopia or vice versa. However, I believe dystopia is a place rooted from evil and power. 

My idea of a dystopia is a world where equality does not exist, poverty is high, and a life without meaning or love. As we know discrimination has been going on for as long as anyone can remember. People of color are being racially discriminated against, especially during the period of covid around 2020. This was the peak of discrimination for Asians due to the covid originating from China. We lived in terror not only for us but for our elders who couldn’t defend themselves. Imagine being so weak in a tower of power, that you are not able to protect yourself. Power is the root of a dystopian world because the more people have it, the more it is taken advantage of. Not to say there aren’t individuals who use power in a good manner, but most hatred comes from individuals with power. I watched a series called “Sky Castle.” This show emphasizes how wealth and power can buy anything, but can also break down anything. The middle class family in the show is discriminated against by billionaires for not being wealthy or on their level. It wasn’t until the billionaires realized they built a world that revolved around greed and power. Soon, their utopia turns into a dystopia as a mother commits suicide when she realizes how power has gotten the best of her. In a dystopian society, poverty is high. The poor gets poorer as there aren’t much opportinunites given to them. They are being judged based on their persona. 

If there is no equality, we live in a place of dystopia. If there is no love and humanity is gone, we live in a dystopia. If poverty is only growing, we live in a dystopia. A utopian society is hard to ever achieve because what is a utopia. 

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