Utopia in the View of Someone with Human Decency

My definition of utopia in our society includes the happiness of all. Although we know this is not realistic, there is a way for morals to be set within our society. Utopia to me would be rid of all oppression. Most people would say that no one can’t be oppressed but I’m afraid I have to disagree. This may be true when based on different definitions of oppression. Furthermore, my definition of oppression is general in the sense that a group is treated unjustly. This definition in my opinion means that no group will be oppressed because unjust treatment in my point of view involves a lack of morals and ethics within my society. My definition of oppression is difficult in the sense that morals are subjective and everyone is not raised and taught the same things.

Morals in my opinion involve no racism or segregation and there truly is equality between everyone. This is involves the rid of a capitalist society where people do not only think in the aspect of what benefits them rather what benefits society. This topic society will allow everyone to believe in their own religions as no religion I am aware of includes oppression towards another group; this includes segregation, discrimination, prejudice, the creation of stereotypes, and the events of genocide or murder. For this society to be utopic, there should be no civilian who is capable of purchasing guns; the only people who should be able to carry guns would be policemen and military personnel. Everyone would be able to feel comfortable and live in their own skin; this includes race, sexuality, gender and more. Men and women would be equal in the workforce.

In order for this society to be utopic, we would have to go back in history and change the ways of oppression. We would have to start at the route, meaning there could not have been racism and segregation. As this is the main reason why our society is dystopic now. We would have to break out of our ways in wanting our country to be richer or better than the next. Most importantly, all genocide will have to cease immediately. The genocide in Congo and Palestine would have to stop being funded by our government. We as citizens should be able to be subject to choosing what we want our taxes to go towards or fund. We would live in a society where people would have human decency and care about the livelihood of all humans and not just their own family or fellow citizens of their country/ state.

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