It’s Subjective!




a subjective term that refers to a society of poor, brutish, and nasty living; a dangerous society

Dystopia is defined as a society of poorness, and brutishness because it reminds me of the state if nature, with no laws, with no regulations, and with pure competition, as defined by Hobbes. This is a clear representation of many societies in the world right now, Palestine is an example. This is a genocide that originated from wanting their land. LAND… something small, something that is not worth killing millions of people including children for.

Dystopia in my opinion is a subjective term because what one may think is dystopian may not be the same to another. And, this is evident because those who cause others to be indulged in a dystopian society, believe that what they are doing is acceptable and is a happy life for them. Most of the time those who inflict a dystopian society, are in authority and high power positions, but, this is not always the case. When it is inflicted by someone in high power, they often have fans or supporters, people who believe in what they stand for, who defend such evil and devilish person, making it evident that they do not believe such is wrong. This goes to Freud’s point of ‘ego’ and people being different when in a group and influenced by those around them who attempt to glorify a brutish life and ways.

It is easy to say that they know it’s wrong, but rather they don’t care- this is true but either way, the person who is okay with such events in a dystopian society is living in it as well, therefore, they are contempt with that life and do not care about its harmful and nasty impact on the world/ the respective society.

Additionally, dystopian societies are not always necessarily fiction, we are constantly living in dystopian societies as a universe. We see this in Sudan, Congo, Palestine, and many other countries. Fire has not seized, which means that many people think what is going on is acceptable, while many other people think that the genocide is completely wrong. Therefore, this shows that dystopia is a term that is highly fluid and subjective when talking to different people.

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