Definition of Dystopia

Based on my experiences with books, films, and reality I think that a dystopia is the idea or fiction of a world that isn’t the quote on quote norm. I think most dystopian films we see today have a certain pattern but a dystopia can be so much more complex than just  a world that’s chaotic fiction. A dystopia can be different from what we as a society know to be the everyday norm. Dystopia could look different on a case by case basis. For example a dystopia can be a society that thinks littering is a good thing “ It will eventually decompose or the birds will get it” this is the mindset of this community, but now the community is filthy and stinks because there’s trash everywhere. This is causing chaos within the community because of the bad health hazard. This dystopia or trash land isn’t the norm. These people have an idea that something really bad is a good thing and that’s their norm. A dystopia could be just about anything that’s not normal or unusual or unreal. For example the hunger games, we don’t go around voting kids to go in the woods and try to compete to survive amongst each other. I also believe that jail could be a form of dystopian society.  Imagine a society where people basically give up their rights and are dehumanized for mistakes or crimes they may or may not have committed. After they serve their time they are still casted out of their original society leading them to go right back to the chaotic community known as jail. I think the cool thing about dystopian societies is that it can be literally everything like the Giver. Is it that bad that everything is chosen for you? No need to feel like you may have made a mistake in your life choices, no need to feel like you’re failing at life or constantly letting other people down? It takes a lot of pressure off life. But also isn’t nice that we get to choose our own destiny. Dystopias are mini reality checks that tell me life could be a whole lot worse and be grateful for what you have. 

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