Dystopia to me

Dystopia is an imaginary phenomenon society where people live a suffering life which is the norm to them and controlled severely by the government.

The first source i’ll use to back up my claims definition is my movie for my project, “Children of Men”. I had to watch the movie more than once to really understand it and get all the little things they were throwing in there. First of all, the big picture of the movie was that infertility left their society for two decades. That’s a dystopia writhing itself because of course that’s nothing that’s really happening in todays world, it was a made up society. That meant that everyone was eventually going to die and there would be no one left. There were all types of protests and wars. One of the people that was apart of a group called the Fishes said, The government puts fear upon everyone.” They were watched 24/7 by the police on the streets, they were trying to take refugees. They were affected by all of this of course but you could tell it was the norm. Another source I’ll use is the movie we just recently watched which was the Animal Farm. The way the pigs took control like they were basically the government of all

the other animals. They had animals that were like security that intimidated the other animals. They also were living very lavishly while everyone else got the bare minimum but once again that was the norm to them so they just lived it. 

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