Technology has replaced the physical prisons that Jeremy Bentham had in mind in the 18th century, in the ever changing 21st century, creating a virtual space where people must negotiate a complicated web of privacy trade offs. It’s clear that there is a contradiction here as technology develops, we frequently Continue reading

Forms of Government

Imagine sailing through the complicated ideas of government, using Hobbes’s Leviathan as our guide. Now, let’s check out the “List of Forms of Government” on Wikipedia and figure out which one is the least likely to lead to a bad, dystopian future. It seems like a balanced constitutional democracy could Continue reading

A Better Place

In shaping my envisioned utopia, I believe it’s a society where harmony, justice, and innovation converge to create a holistic and sustainable coexistence. Education would be redefined as a lifelong journey, personalized learning paths, practical skills, and the cultivation of creativity, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence. In order to create Continue reading

What Does Dystopia Mean ?

Dystopia, a complex tapestry of societal disintegration, weaves the threads of individual existence with subjugation, loss of self sufficiency, and the erosion of basic individual rights, creating a haunting landscape of misery and disillusionment. It embodies a place and time where everything feels undeniably bleak, evoking words like injustice, suffering, Continue reading