I original stated that dystopia represents what happens if a good intention goes wrong. However I now define dystopia as imaginary society  characterized by oppressive, dehumanizing, and often totalitarian conditions that provoke a sense of despair and hopelessness. A dystopian society is marked by oppressive governance, dehumanization of its citizens, Continue reading

Define Dystopia

Dystopia is defined by the hierarchy of oppressors to oppressed. A common running theme within all of the texts and medias we dissected throughout the semester is oppression. In every dystopian world we discussed, there were always two main groups – the oppressed and the oppressors. I have referenced Young’s Continue reading

Defining a Dystopia

As this class comes to an end I honestly don’t think my definition of a dystopia has changed much. I think the definition I chose in the beginning of the semester is still fitting, but could use some slight specifications. My original definition of a dystopia is a real or Continue reading

Dystopia Revised

Based on this course, I’ve learned that when describing what dystopia takes a deeper look. It’s not just about fear or a post-apocalyptic environment. You have to take a look at the root of the results, who’s the reason they’re in whatever predicament is present. My revised definition of a Continue reading


Dystopia, a concept that delves into the dark realms of societal structures, presents a grim depiction of oppressive systems, social inequality, loss of individual freedom, and undesirable living environments. This essay aims to provide a comprehensive definition of dystopia, drawing upon the theoretical framework presented in Iris Marion Young’s “Five Continue reading

Define of Dystopia

At the beginning of the semester, I defined a dystopia as the following, ” a world or society that, depending on whose perspective we see it from, is actively suppressing its people politically, economically, and environmentally.” I feel like this definition definitely lacked substance and didn’t encapsulate a dystopia well. Continue reading


adj; a fictitious world or a situation that’s objectively bad for a majority of a population while benefiting a smaller portion. The majority of the population experiences consistent injustice and oppression that may come to an end after some time or change. Throughout the entirety of this class we have Continue reading