A dystopia is a place in which people live their lives accompanied by rampant fear, decay, hopelessness, and misery. My favorite example of this is the world of the novel 1984. By its conclusion, the main character feels an overwhelming sense of hopelessness and misery. Another good example is the Continue reading

Dystopian Reality

I define a dystopia as an environment surrounded by pain and the illusion of pleasure, restricted by fear and oppression. Dystopias are known for being fearful, stressful, and non-peaceful. With that, the illusion of pleasure is one of the biggest characteristics because of the never-ending cycle of pain and struggle Continue reading


Based on what you’ve learned and experienced this semester, write a 1-sentence definition of DYSTOPIA. A Dystopia is a place where the seemingly perfect, often comes at the cost of certain groups or the whole of the society unknowingly. I would like to use the five faces of oppression to Continue reading

Define Dystopia ?

The understanding of a dystopian world was best explained by not tackling the idea of a dystopia as whole, but to capture different ideas from authors and scholars that dismantle the framework to see all its characteristics. The most common practice that we see contributing to this form of society Continue reading

Post-Dystopia Definition

My definition of a dystopia is an oppressive setting that relies on harsh rules made by a government wherein a society lies, one with little resistance from the majority of the population, in which lessons are placed for the current society to learn from. The definition is similar to the Continue reading

Defining Dystopia

Dystopia is an ungood society or culture that limits things like freedom of expression, individuality, religious freedoms, speech, free thought, and even sex. Dystopia has always been thought of to be societies that are apocalyptical in nature like in Mad Max: Fury Road. Throughout this class I learned that dystopia Continue reading

What Makes a Dystopia

My new understanding of what a dystopia consists of is a society or economic structure that is continually oppressive to all or the vast majority of its constituents, whether it be through social, political, or financial means. Even though that is the definition I have come to learn and intuitively Continue reading

To me a dystopia can be simply defined as an unimagined place where the people in that society are treated in an unjust or inhumane way by their government. For example the book that we discussed in class this semester, The Girl in the Brown Ring, the government basically left Continue reading