Normalized Cruelty

Dystopia: a real or imagined world where inhumane and fearful lives are heavily normalized and even encouraged. In books like the Hunger Games or the Maze Runner or Attack on Titan, the antagonist always ends up being the ruling class or the government that has forced these lives on their Continue reading

Dystopias defined

My definition of a dystopia is a dysfunctional society that appears to be perfect on the surface, but in reality there is a lot of pain and suffering. For example, in the novel the Giver by Lois Lowry the majority of the population is protected from knowing about bad things Continue reading

A Bad Place

The word “Dystopia” literally translates to “Bad Place.” I will define it as a place that is engulfed in darkness & wretchedness. In comparison with Utopia-No place , and Eutopia- better place, Dystopia takes the villainous role. In life there’s always good & bad, and nice & evil with a Continue reading