Movie Review: The Purge

The elements instilled within the film The Purge during this annual national “holiday” such as the ones discussed below are what makes this film dystopian. Those experiencing the dystopia are oppressed groups that are actively being purged or have had to purge to survive due to circumstances similar to the Continue reading

The Purge is Dystopian

In The Purge, America is depicted as a dystopia that is sustained by an annual holiday known as the “Purge”.The government officials allow all crimes to be legal for a total of 12 hours. Poor people are targets, because they don’t have the means to defend themselves.The demonstration of human Continue reading

Imperfect, Pure Americana Suburbia

Pleasantville Movie Review Pleasantville’s a movie that explores the concept of a utopian dystopia. Within the movie 1990s teenage twins, David and Reese, are transported into David’s favorite comfort sitcom show set in a seemingly perfect, 1950s, black and white Americana Suburbia. At first arrival, David and Reese are confused Continue reading