American High Education

America High Education is definitely a dystopia due to the fact that it is so expensive and hard to access. We have made education a privilege rather than a necessity. Several people struggle to afford it without loans or scholarships. Loans are an absurd idea to implement in the name Continue reading

A Dystopian Education

Personally, I don’t think America’s higher educational system is a dystopia. I don’t think the system as whole is a dystopia, however, I do think there are certain aspects that display dystopian characteristics. I say this because you’re literally paying for an education and a mighty high price, might I Continue reading

Higher education

I believe higher education in America displays a dystopian in many ways. For instance, the amount of money everyday citizens pour into colleges is one of the major problems. The purpose of higher education is to contribute to the economy, grow our intellect, and prepare for the world. Knowing those Continue reading