The idea of dystopia and utopia is ironic because while dystopia, a chaotic world in which everything and everyone is controlled by an upper, is imaginable and even comparable to our current societies, utopia, a perfect world, seems unattainable. As a Palestinian born during a war, injustice, and oppression are Continue reading

A Realistic Utopia is Dynamic

We have previously discussed that a common characteristic of dystopias is that they exhibit some form of oppression. We have also broken down oppression into 5 faces: exploitation, marginalization, powerlessness, cultural imperialism, and violence. If dystopias are fundamentally built on oppression, then a utopia would have to have an absence Continue reading

Personal Utopia

I had been contemplating certain ideas of governments we currently have in the world today: capitalism, communism, socialism, democracy, meritocracy, etc.. I found that I was more drawn to ideas that benefitted the greater good over personal benefits. I was drawn to ideas in meritocracies and communism. I would implement Continue reading

My Utopian Dream

A perfect utopia, for me, is one that ensures the happiness and well-being of all citizens, and that everyone is treated fairly, no matter what their background is. This would mean that everyone would have the same opportunities to succeed, and no one would be left behind or discriminated against. Continue reading