What is a dystopia?

A dystopia is a fictional concept of a society where the majority of individuals are oppressed under the rule of abusive and controlling authorities in order to maintain the sustainability of a declining environment. A great example of a dystopian society is present in the movie Snowpiercer. In this film, Continue reading

Downfalls of Mass Education

The American higher educational system has progressed in many ways into a dystopia. An example is demonstrated by mass education where overcrowded classrooms provide little attention to the learning and improvement of individual success. To prevent overcrowding in universities, limitations are placed upon the number of available spots in a course. Continue reading

Socialism is Least Dystopian

A form of government that would be least dystopian is socialism. Socialism is a system that encourages cooperation rather than competition among citizens. The advantages of a socialistic system is that citizens communally own the means of production and each person is guaranteed access to basic goods and services according Continue reading

Freud Was Right

Sigmund Freud’s theory of unhappiness comes from the demands of civilization where freedom and individuality is restricted in exchange for security and comfort. With the rise of civilizations, there is the creation of government systems such as democracy, communism, or monarchy that are designed to maintain peace, order, and control Continue reading

Missing White Woman Syndrome

Cultural discrimination describes the behavior of actively trying to suppress or treat particular individuals less favorably due to some aspect of their identity such as age, race, sexual orientation, or ethnicity. By directing a sense of hatred against a person based on perceived differences, this can also lead to cultural Continue reading

Ignorance Is Bliss

Dystopia is an idea of a society under complete control and power of those inferior to maintain order and peace. When hearing the word “dystopia,” the first thing that comes to mind is the notorious films such as Hunger Games, Divergent, and Maze Runner. These movies capture the terrible living Continue reading