What is Dystopia?

Dystopia is an imagined world in which people live wretched, dehumanized, fearful lives. Dystopia can challenge utopia’s assumption of human perfectibility and perfect society. In dystopias we can rarely find hope. Although the creators of dystopian fictions usually depict world set in the future, they write about things they feared Continue reading

Can Religion Make the Difference?

Religion can be a component to fighting against oppression in many ways. Religion can be seen as influential civil society communities. They are often seen as representing unifying values that transcend disputed issues. Local and international religious entities play a large and often unappreciated role. In these roles, creating conditions Continue reading

Snowden vs Government

When people make any accusations like these, it’s important to know if the information is accurate. Now, I don’t agree with everything the government does, but I believe their use of technology and surveillance, to a certain extent, can be very useful. I think surveillance is ok, but spying isn’t. Continue reading

Dystopia/The New Hope

Dystopia to me is an imagined universe where there is a main battle, usually between the people and government oppression. People often suggest we live in a dystopia society now because things are bad. Although these are awful times,I wouldn’t classify it as a dystopia. I feel it’s more appropriate Continue reading