Ur-Fascism in America

In a world of fascists, ur-fascism can be defined as irrationalism. Ur-fascism stems from personal or societal dissatisfaction, which may lead to the world being regarded as racist. I think the United States is now experiencing a sort of Ur-fascism. One such instance occurred on January 7th in Washington, D.C., Continue reading

The Power to Give and to Take Away

Freud is not particularly one of my favorite people, but I do agree with the statement that “any form of government is, ultimately, repressive of human nature.” It is evident that a community cannot flourish without order, so order is established through a government system. The corrupt reality of this Continue reading

Dystopia: A Corrupted Society

Definition: A dictatorship-ruled civilization that is a result of either a post-apocalyptic or post-societal collapse; it is unjust to the 99 percent of the population for the 1% ‘s pleasure and gain. The dystopian societies that are most familiar to me by books or films are usually centered around a Continue reading