Movie Review: The Purge

The elements instilled within the film The Purge during this annual national “holiday” such as the ones discussed below are what makes this film dystopian. Those experiencing the dystopia are oppressed groups that are actively being purged or have had to purge to survive due to circumstances similar to the Continue reading

Are all forms of government dystopian to some degree?

When we think about a dystopia we think no room to think for oneself, constant surveillance, oppressing government, no sense of civilian equality, and major poverty. As we read last week from Umberto Eco’s “Ur-Fascism,” there are fourteen features that could consider a government system Ur-Fascist, which I believe is Continue reading

Eternal Fascism: Does it truly exist?

After reading Eco’s “Ur-Fascism”, I found his fourteen features of Ur-Fascism quite interesting. I also think it is interesting that he states that a system can exhibit only one of these features and still be considered Ur-Fascist. With this being said it makes it difficult for me to decide whether Continue reading

Is a dystopia truly a bad place?

According to the mind of Sabirah Smith, the definition of DYSTOPIA is “a reality or pseudo-realm in which individuals fear their society and are constantly surveilled and experience continuous downfalls.” It is often thought that a utopia is a place of perfection and endless bliss. Many even go as far Continue reading