Dystopia Defined

Throughout the semester my view on what a dystopia is has broadened. My new definition of a dystopia is a world or society where people are constantly oppressed and live fearful, dehumanized lives. Citizens in dystopian films are in tyrannical governments and have control over anything. Dystopia can be explained Continue reading

Utopian Mindset

I don’t necessarily agree with Kim Stanley Robinsons’s idea of overcoming a dystopia. I think many individuals that live through a dystopia always carry a tiny bit of hope in overcoming the obstacle but that doesn’t solve it. Facing reality of their situations will make an individual react in an Continue reading

Is Religion the reason?

I don’t believe religion is the complete answer to defeating a dystopia. Religion allows individuals the opportunity to feel they can conquer whatever they are up against. If religion is not something that a certain person has believed in from day one, I don’t think it could even help them Continue reading

Snowden’s Views

I agree with Edwards Snowden’s views on the government invading the privacy of citizens without consent through the use of our phones. Although the phone companies and the government try and reason for tracking citizens phones, an invasion of privacy is still illegal. We purchase our devices in hope that Continue reading

Look into Mad Max

Mad Max Fury Road is taken place in this post apocalyptic desert waste world where all of the natural resources are scarce, destroyed and no humanity is present. It captures the excessive use of violence and introduces many dystopian aspects. Throughout the entire film violence is depicted and it is Continue reading