Define Dystopia ?

The understanding of a dystopian world was best explained by not tackling the idea of a dystopia as whole, but to capture different ideas from authors and scholars that dismantle the framework to see all its characteristics. The most common practice that we see contributing to this form of society Continue reading

Podcast Post Production

I felt like working with my group during this production was very smooth, I think that all of our personalities worked really well when we met up in our groups. Although there was a point where we were in silence, as we started to communicate and talk through different discussions Continue reading

Podcast Production Update

While watching the Intellectual Properties video I noticed information that I was aware of, as well as some new found information concerning copyrights and trademarks. From prior knowledge I understand that in different videos you’re not allowed to use mainstream songs without rights to the song. However, I was unaware Continue reading

Was Snowden right?

I believe that the way Snowden described the United States privacy is correct. The Privacy act of 1974 was created to balance the government’s need to maintain information about individuals with the rights of individuals to be protected against unwarranted invasions of their privacy resulting from the collection, maintenance, use, Continue reading

Dystopian Society

A dystopia is a pseudo reality that mirrors the post apocalyptic phase in life, enriched with injustice and constant surveillance. To imagine a dystopian society you have to first know its opposite, a utopia. This is a perfect reality where nothing goes wrong and everything is peaceful, therefore its antonym Continue reading