Oppression, we believe, is not countered and defeated by a stronger alternative religion. There’s no better regime. In our dystopias, institutions are just bad. I think it would be scary to have one human-based religion, taking over the world. Every religion has its dark, scary parts, and those really come Continue reading


The admission procedure for higher education is very gloomy in and of itself. I’m not sure what else to call a system in which seventeen-year-olds pay a fee for multimillion-dollar institutions to read a 500-word essay in which they do their best to summarize their personhood, so they can be Continue reading

Achieving the “Utopia”

In accessing the selections from Leviathan, the concept of a utopian government is one which goes against traditional western ideals and that which approaches towards that of communistic like centralization.  Hobbes presents a bold alternative stating individuals should give their unyielding obedience to an unaccountable sovereign that speaks over ever Continue reading

As Ur-Facism Lingers

As Umberto Eco argued, Ur-facism lies within todays society fluidly within cultures and also through subcultures which connect our environment. Our forms of communication are constantly evolving, and with that we as people are constantly pulled towards this meta world of social media, we place such emphasis towards the surrendering Continue reading

Understanding the assignment.

Honestly speaking, I like the idea of working in groups. I feel that collaborating different ideas and different perspectives are essential for greater life missions and purposes. We must be comfortable in expressing our thoughts and energy into common goals to produce the greatest results. I have been challenged to Continue reading