A dystopia is a place in which people live their lives accompanied by rampant fear, decay, hopelessness, and misery. My favorite example of this is the world of the novel 1984. By its conclusion, the main character feels an overwhelming sense of hopelessness and misery. Another good example is the Continue reading

Podcast Post-Production

I have always enjoyed working with groups. While I have experienced the downsides with group projects, I like them much more than writing a paper for example. I believe that my contribution to this project was mostly found in facilitating the conversation and topics as well as bringing up new Continue reading


I definitely believe that there are traces of Ur-fascism present today. Fascism involves people being led by a dictator with absolute power, who forcibly suppresses them. However, I believe that fascism today exists in a much different way than what we might imagine when we think of the word fascism. Continue reading