Defining Dystopia

A dystopia is society stuck in a state of oppression and suffering.  Prior to this last blog post, we have been learning a lot about dystopian societies and factors that make a society dystopian. However, Before we started learning about what a dystopia is, we were asked to define it Continue reading

Utopian Thinking

Kim Stanley’s quote, “It’s crucial to keep imagining that things could get better, and furthermore imagine how they might get better,” indicates utopian thinking. Utopian Thinking can be defined as a way of optimistic thinking but more concentrated on our world and way of the world. I agree with his Continue reading

Killer City

The idea that the movie, The Purge, is based on is a dystopian one in fact. It allows for 24hours of granted and unapologetic violence. Citizens are given the okay to kill, destroy, rape, and spread hate as much as they can in 24 hours with no consequences. Let’s look Continue reading

Present Day Ur-facism

Fascism still exists in our world in many countries, but in our country I believe one way facism is displayed is through incarceration. A grave amount of our population is incarcerated and therefore living a life in the facism capital. Incarceration is said to be a form of rehabilitation, but Continue reading

A Pair

Working in a group for some can either be enjoyable or unpleasing. For me, it is enjoyable because the work or task is spread out amongst a group, whether than one person doing a load of work. I like to work smarter, not harder. Now, I know we aren’t supposed Continue reading